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Here you can find an overview of events in Heidelberg:

International Music Festival -
The Heidelberger Frühling

March - April

The Heidelberger Frühling (Heidelberg Spring Music Festival) plays "in the first league of festivals for classical music" (DIE ZEIT) and presents in over 100 events major soloists, ensembles and orchestras, as well as innovative productions and genre crossings.

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Castle Festival (Schlossfestspiele)

June - August

In three venues, the public of Heidelberger Schlossfestspielen can expect a diverse theater and concert program.
High above the city of Heidelberg realms world’s most popular ruin. Is there any place more beautiful in this world than between the historic walls of the castle beneath the shining stars during a warm summer night? For sure, there is! Just this place, but filled with music and dramatic or funny works of literature.

Come, visit our summer festival, and experience theater and music art in the most beautiful way: having a view over Heidelberg.

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Castle Illumination (Schlossbeleuchtung)

June, July, September

The legendary Castle Illuminations (Heidelberger Schlossbeleuchtung) every year capture the imagination of thousands of people - hardly any other city offers such magical nights every year in June, July and September. 

Bengali flares slowly bathe the Heidelberg Castle in a mysterious red firelight, as if the ruins were on fire once again in their long history. As the last times in 1689 and 1693, when the troops of the Sun King Louis XIV burnt down the castle, leaving behind the world-famous ruins. 

When the glowing Castle slowly dies down, the second part of the spectacle begins - the brilliant fireworks over the Neckar. The Elector Friedrich V first had the fireworks staged in 1613, in order to provide a fitting welcome for his newly-betrothed wife Elizabeth Stuart. These fireworks laid the cornerstone for the later festivals of light held in the night sky over Heidelberg - celebrating its 400th Jubilee in the year 2013. 

The banks of the Neckar, the Nepomuk terrace and the Philosophers' Walk around 10 o'clock are the best locations to admire the Castle Illuminations.

City Festival (Heidelberger Herbst)

End of September

The Craft Market, Flea Market, culture and stalls with regional specialties - Heidelberg's greatest city festival "Heidelberger Herbst" on the last Saturday in September always sets great store on the cooperation of many associations, gastronomes, citizens and cultural organizers. The winding alleyways along the Neckar with their flea market stands and the varied music program from lunchtime to evening are particularly popular. 

The ceremonial opening takes place in the Market Square, with invited prominent local guests and traditional characters such as the dwarf Perkeo and the Wine Queen. This is also the location of "the" central music stage. Musical entertainment of every possible sort can be found in almost all public areas. The large stages begin as early as 11 am with live music. By the evening at the latest, the Old Town has then been transformed into a unique, huge open-air concert, offering something to suit every possible taste.

On the University Square there will be a medieval market with varied performances for the whole family on Saturday and Sunday.

Chrismas Market (Weihnachtsmarkt)

November - Dezember

Heidelberg offers a special magic in the pre-Christmas season. The harmonious ensemble of the Castle, Old Town and Neckar is unique in Germany, offering a beautiful backdrop for the Heidelberg Christmas Market. The Christmas Market runs along the atmospherically lit Hauptstrasse (Main Street) and uses six historical squares. Embedded in the picturesque corners of the Old Town, it has diverse offerings spread across 140 stalls with plenty of wintery treats to discover. Each square holds its very own Christmas charm. The world-famous castle rises above the shining old town alleys filled with the alluring scent of cinnamon, aniseed and roasted almonds.

Bismarckplatz: The Bismarck Square is the entrance to the Old Town and will set the mood for a memorable Christmas Market experience with its pre-Christmas flair. The Baracca Zermatt is a special highlight here: This cozy mountain cottage brings a bit of Zermatt to Heidelberg and invites visitors to sit and enjoy Swiss fondue at a comfortable fireplace.

Anatomiegarten: Festively decorated cottages, among others with African woodcutting art and Christmas-themed sweet treats complete the gastronomical offers here in front of the monument of chemist Robert Bunsen.

Universitätsplatz: The largest square of the Christmas Market is located between the Old and the New University. With its approximately 70 decorated stalls, it offers everything that may bring you joy and make your heart beat faster. The historical horse-carousel, which is more than a century old, will make children‘s eyes shine and forms a point of attraction for young and old.

Marktplatz: The wooden Christmas town around the Hercules fountain spreads a festive atmosphere with its atmospheric light projections between the Heiliggeistkirche and the Town Hall. Young and old visitors can have their pictures taken with Santa Claus for a good cause at the „Haus des Weihnachtsmanns“ (Santa‘s house).

Kornmarkt: With more than 100 sparkling firs, white pointed tents and the lovingly decorated nativity set, the Heidelberg “Winterwäldchen” (Winter Forest) offers a very special experience. Various culinary delights, hand-made pieces of art and the children‘s railway will invite you to linger.

Karlsplatz: The atmospheric ice landscape guarantees for skating fun on real ice in a unique atmosphere. Enjoy many Christmas treats with a wonderful view of the Heidelberg Castle in this square.


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